beach cruisers

Mens and Ladies Beach cruiser selection

bike central mermaid beach has one of the biggest range of beach cruisers in AUS!

We are a bike store with qualified mechanics! We only sell top quality brands! Our products come with full warranty, a free service and all of our bikes are sold fully assembled! You can`t test ride a bike in a box! Plus our range is very affordable. Most of our cruisers are priced at $300 to $600. Please call the store for more model info and current pricing.

bike central – number 1 for beach cruisers 🙂

* Please call or email for prices and availability

Malvern Star beach cruisers

wisp a1 black
wisp 1 pink
wisp blue 24"
wisp lite dark blue
labelle 3 speed white
wisp a1 white
wisp 20" pink
wisp 2 blue
wisp lite mint
labelle 3 speed blue
wisp a1 mint
wisp 20" green
wisp 2 cream
wisp lite red
labelle 8 speed grey
wisp a1 watermelon
wisp pink 24"
wisp lite blue
labelle 8 speed pink
mens porter s1

XDS Retro beach cruiser selection

retro steel mint
retro steel purple
retro steel red
retro steel white
retro 24' mint
retro alloy blue
retro alloy rose gold
retro alloy mint
boardwalk black
boardwalk mint
boardwalk white
broadwalk rose gold
elwood blue
elwood mint
sorrento 24" blue
sorrento 24" mint

Electra mens and ladies beach cruiser selection

ladies cruiser 1 black
ladies cruiser 1 blue
ladies cruiser 1 white
cruiser 1 24" boys
mens cruiser 1 black
ladies cruiser 7 blue
Ladies 7 french blue
ladies cruiser 7 black
ladies 7 rose gold
ladies cruiser 7 green
ladies cruiser 7 white
cruiser 7 24" girls
mens cruiser 7 black
mens cruiser 7 bark
ladies cruiser 7 lux
mens cruiser 7 lux
ladies lux 7 fat tyre
mens lux 7 fat tyre
ladies dreamtime
ladies gypsy
ladies glam punk
mens townie 7d black
ladies townie 7d cream
ladies townie 7d black
mens tiger skark
mens townie 7d green
ladies townie 7d coral
ladies townie icey blue
mens delivery
mens townie 7d blue
ladies townie rose gold
mens townie 3i blue
Ghostrider 3i
ladies townie 7d teal
ladies townie polar blue
ladies townie 3i white