Boys and Girls kids bike collection

bike central have a great range of boys and girls kids bikes. These bicycles are not to be confused with cheap department store bikes. We offer quality kids bikes made from alloy which is lite weight and does not rust so they last longer. They are also sold fully assembled and ready to ride so you wont have the hassle of having to put your kids new bike together yourself.

In some cases there are more models available in the brands that we sell but do not keep in stock. If you are looking for a model that we do not have pictured on our site please contact us for further information

*Please call or email for prices and availability

Malvern Star kids bikes

girls sparkle pink 12"
boys mx 12 orange
boys radmax black 16"
boys mx 16 red
boys radmax black 20"
boys radmax black 12"
boys mx 12 green
boys radmax blue 16"
boys mx 16 orange
cruisestar purple 12"
girls sparkle purple 16"
girls cruisestar pink 16"
girls sparkle blue 20"
girls sparkle pink 16"
girls cruisestar white 16"
girls sparkle purple 20"
girls cruisestar blue 20"

Avanti kids bikes