ATTENTION: Cheap online purchased cruisers :(

We are regularly having the sad task of informing some of our customers that their online store purchased cruisers are of poor qaulity and do not reflect the price they paid.

We are not here to rubbish brands or our competition but buyers beware, sometimes what seems like a great buy can quickly turn into a poor investment.

Consider the following points before purchasing your next cruiser:

– Is the online store a reputable bicycle distributer or are they a here today gone tomorrow venture? If they are only trading online then there is a good chance that they are only around to make a quick buck, do not completely understand the product they are selling you, and may be selling you an unsafe bicycle that does not meet Australia safety standards. Alot of online retailers are offering little or no warranty, your bicycle should come with atleast 1 year warranty!

-If you purchase online, be sure of the shipping costs. We have been told by alot of customers that they have purchased a bargain only to be stung with a huge shipping charge. Also remember that your bicycle will come in a box, if you do not have the required tools or knowledge to assemble it you will be paying your local bike store $50 – $100 to assemble it.

– Make sure what your purchasing is off safe and acceptable standard. Cycling can be dangerous you do not want to find out the hard way that saving $50 on your purchase landed you in hospital because the bicyle broke while you were riding it at speed. Pay particular attention to the spokes, if they are faulty and break you could be up for $150+ to replace them at a bike store, most online stores will not cover this or have the parts to replace them! Other components such as the rear hub, brakes, bearings etc play an important role in the build and ride qaulity, purchase to save a buck and it may cost you in the long run.

– Last and most important point – support Australia! If you purchase from your local store your keeping someone employed, and what goes around comes around! supporting local business will support your own future!

If you have any questions email or contact us. We only wish to see cyclists enjoying their bike, regardless of where it was purchased. Saving on your purchase is vital in this economy, but consider the above facts before you buy.

In saying all that, ALL of our bicycles come with the correct warranty, are assembled by an experienced bicycle mechanic and are here on display for you to try before you buy! On top of that we offer the best service, advice and all at a great price 🙂

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